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Favorite Child! Artist favorite pieces?

Is it even possible for a parent to have a favourite child? And, as a sibling, what would that mean to you – that your brother or sister was the “favourite” of your Mom and Dad? The personalities, the emotional attachment, the careful nurturing over the years – can that deep attachment in a parent be put into rank for the children? I doubt it!!


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As an Artist it is something akin to this, but, obviously on a far lesser scale. Knowing the back story may help but it is a diminished scale of attachment even counting these things in. The planning, the weather, and conditions, the lens choice, the “working around” the scene for composition are not the same depth- so can an Artist have favourites? Is it reasonable- logical?


It may be perhaps, but what I hope and strive for is simply this – the image engages you, your emotions, your thoughts, and your senses. The image transports you right to the place of image capture and YOU are there, seeing the special moment in time! ( And since “Special Moments in the Rockies, captured in a Print Forever” is my tag line, I have assigned some “favourite-ness” to all my images ! )

The 3 images here in the News Letter are 3 that I chose as “favourites” from this winter’s shooting. Enjoy having a browse, and, break up your Covid-19 enforced isolation by “wandering to these spots” in your mind. Do you have a favourite from these? I’d love to hear back on that and why you do?

Enjoy the shots!