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The Best Places for Photography in Banff

If you’re a photography lover looking to capture the most magnificent mountain photography in The Rockies, you won’t be short of opportunities in Banff. As a curator of Rocky Mountain Fine Arts Prints, one of the most common questions I receive is – what are the top photography spots in Banff National Park?

Although the options are endless and discovering your own chances for stunning mountain photography is half the fun, there are a few favourite locations I recommend that are easily accessible and are suited for every level of photography.

Vermillion Lakes

Vermillion Lakes consists of 3 main lakes and encompasses a beautiful reflection of the iconic Mount Rundle. For some of the most stunning photography, head down in November to capture unique ice formations on the lake.

Johnston Canyon

If you’re looking to catch charming photographs nestled in the mountains, head to Johnston Canyon before or after the peak seasons in July and August. This hike offers a few stunning spots including the upper falls, lower falls, and the horseshoe bend.

Mount Norquay Viewpoint

Mountain Norquay is amongst one of the popular ski hills in Banff National Park. In the summer, however, the viewpoint is less crowded and offers stunning views of Banff toward Mount Rundle. A perfect location to capture beautiful mountain photography.

Lake Louise

The glittering green of the lake nestled against a backdrop of majestic mountains is every photographer’s dream. The angle in the fortress that is the Chateau Fairmont and you have a stunning photo-op unique to the Canadian Rockies.

Moraine Lake

One of the most famous locations for all photographers, and rightfully so. The magnificent turquoise blue of the water feels other-worldly and every angle calls for postcard-worthy photos.

The best time to avoid the crowds and capture some of the most breathtaking views is during sunrise and sunset.

As you explore the grandeur of The Rockies in the eyes of a photographer, my only wish is to remember that if we don’t treat these magnificent places with respect, future generations will regrettably miss out on its beauty.

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