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Rocky Mountain Photography ( the beauty to capture )

Rocky Mountain Photography , more specifically the Canadian Rockies photography is widely known as some of the most picturesque in the world. I live here because they captured my heart and continue to enthrall me everyday. So, What are the Canadian Rocky Mountains known for? What makes them different?

These mountains are very different in appearance – because of their geology. They are made up of layers of sedimentary rock like limestone and shale. They are , well – quite “rocky” as you gaze at them. There glaciers hanging from the peaks, jaw dropping turquoise coloured lakes and rivers, bountiful wildlife , and Grand scenes that Banff Landscape Photography has become known for. The icons of the Canadian Rockies are captured by hobbyists and professionals – most ( by the Professional), in high resolution images, because the scenes that are displayed by nature , this Canadian Rockies Art, is so memorable it imprints the mind deeply and images , without high resolution ( and good technique), may disappoint when viewed on a smart phone rather than a large print! This is why I feature Canadian Rocky Mountain photography for sale on my website.

Huge clouds glide over the Bow Valley, the Town of Banff and Mt. Rundle
Rollin, Rolling, Rolling in…

Canadian Rocky Mountain pictures, not all, but many, require a big sensor and big print to convey the scope, grandeur and beauty that imprints into one’s mind as look out at the scene before you. Many of my images are in the Panorama Format and are offered in very large prints to properly display the beauty of this special place. Black and White pictures of Banff are also highly valued Canadian Rockies Art.

Canadian Rockies Art can be, at times, constricted to such places as Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, and Emerald Lake. And yes, these are , in themselves stunning and representative of Banff National Park landscape. However, the park system, Banff National park landscape, covers 6,641 square Kilometers or 2,564 Square Miles!! That is a LOT of area to see. Banff landscape photography offers so much you need more than a day or two to see it! You can easily fill up a two week vacation with stunning sights and still have lots more to see.

The Power

To do landscape photography in Banff, most want to know, What is time is the best ? The answer is simple !! – Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring! Yes any season rewards you with beautiful sights, or pics of the Canadian Rockies. Rocky Mountain Photography is for ALL seasons. So, if you wish to do some landscape photography of Banff, or just wish to have Canadian Rockies Art for your home or office – come anytime and enjoy! You can also find Rocky Mountain Photography for sale on Line by many artists, myself included. On line has become the Gallery for the world and masses as you can access great images from the comfort of your chair using your computer, Laptop and even your phone. Each day, each season in this landscape offers so many opportunities it is merely a question of being here, at the spots you want to see, hoping for the weather to cooperate and to slow down breathe deep and enjoy. If the weather doesn’t help, come back at another time so plan for several days or more and you can catch Canadian Rocky Mountain Fever! Or you can browse my website for high resolution pics to decorate your home or office. ( read below about Live View Preview – try it out ! )

On my website I feature an option called Live View which allows you to see the image being browsed on the wall space in your home or office you want an image for!

A great image of the Banff National Park landscape is 2nd , right behind seeing for yourself onetime, then having the image to relive the memory!

Thanks – Gita Photos – “Special Moments in the Rockies, Captured in a Print Forever”