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It is not new to say a picture is worth a thousand words? – Why Landscape Photography disagrees !

For landscape photography, and indeed other genres – It has been said time and again “A picture is worth a thousand words!” but, in today’s world, with the heavy use of Social Media, this has been turned around! So, I ask myself, as a landscape photographer in Banff – can you really put the beauty of the Canadian Rockies and Banff National Park into words? Canadian Rocky Mountain pictures and Banff Landscape Photography, for me, are indeed worth a thousand words and more!


It is advised by SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) experts that for photographers like me if doing a blog post and ” keywording” on your images it is best ( that is you rank higher in the searches ) for your website and blog posts etc. IF you use 500 to 1000  “suggested” in your post and carefully selected “keywords” to DESCRIBE your pictures or images you wish to get found!! Being found in searches, getting eyeballs to see, in my case, my pictures of Banff National Park and the Rocky Mountains.

As the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence ) grows on the internet and all around us in the digital world, ( have you seen the recent Mission Impossible flick – Dead Reckoning!?) it may well happen that AI can, in the future, interact with pictures of the Canadian Rockies and Banff. However, you as the viewer form an emotional and visceral connection and engagement with pictures, any picture. AI simply can’t do this, only humans can. So, for the sake of getting “ranking” of my website and the Banff and Canadian Rockies Landscape photography I do ( and yes, I hope to sell pics of the Canadian Rockies), it is recommended and advised that it is necessary to use AT LEAST 500 and up to 1000 words.     

Between a Rock and a High Place


Words can be searched by the SEO engines, words can be ranked by how, when, where, who, how often, etc they are used and “clicked on”. So, if I use enough of the “ranking keywords “, my pictures of Banff, high-resolution Canadian Rockies images, and the Banff National Park Landscape may eventually be found, my website pops up in the search, and you get to see the beautiful landscapes in the Canadian Rockies and Banff National Park!!
What is the most photographed place in the Canadian Rockies? The researchers have found it is Moraine Lake and the 2nd by their rankings is Lake Louise. Castle Mountain, Rundle Mountain and the Vermilion Lakes, and more fall into place on the list. But, there is also a saying that goes “ Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder “ !! Why are the Canadian Rockies thought of as so beautiful? Because they are spotted all over with Mountains and glaciers crawling down from massive limestone peaks and pristine lakes that range from see-the-bottom clear to so-turquoise-it-looks-fake, the Canadian Rockies has some of the most magnificent landscapes in the world. ( These are some nice words – question – do they engage like the pictures in the Post ?) The listing falls short as places like Bow Lake, Emerald Lake, Cascade Mountain, The Columbia Icefields, and many others exist and should be seen and experienced. The Park is huge and it takes time and planning to get to these spots. As of this year, one has to reserve a spot on the special transit buses to get to Moraine Lake and Lake Louise as the popularity and demand have outpaced the parking that was once available. That severely impedes landscape photographers like me, as we tend to like the pre-dawn, Dawn, Sunset, and twilight times for those special images and the transit system is not favourable to this!


Cloud Catcher

I don’t think 1000 words can describe the beauty, the creativity, the complexity, and the synchronicity – but this post was to show why I won’t try. The shots here, I trust, will SPEAK for THEMSELVES. Thanks for visiting, check out the website and LIVE PREVIEW Option so you can SEE the IMAGE on your wall in REAL TIME and REAL SIZE.

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Special Moments in the Rockies, Captured in a Print Forever”