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Gone but not Forgotten

This was one very fine Fall in the Canadian Rockies. We had warm days, cool nights and fresh crisp mountain air. We also had the much-desired phenomenon – Indian Summer.

There was, of course, the precious but very brief period where the larch Trees literally light up the landscape with a neon-like amber golden glow.

Tarn & Larch in the Alpine
Tarn & Larch in the Alpine

Yet there are other sights to treat yourself with when Fall goes through its stages. The Canadian Rockies don’t have the hardwoods to give us the reds, yellows and oranges but we do get that Fall palette of color in other ways

The Pond in Fall array
The Pond in Fall array

The sun comes up and stays at a low angle and the days are getting short, but with the Fall sun, comes some fine-looking “Fall warm Light” on the landscape and it is captivating as well. And the Full Moon ( the Harvest Moon ) to spice up the sky.

October Moon over Bow Lake & Crowfoot Mtn
October Moon over Bow Lake & Crowfoot Mtn

As the saying goes, “waiting for the other shoe to drop” one knows this short but oh so sweet period is coming to a close

Non Conformist

Lookin’ for Cover

And, indeed, nature’s cycle marched on. The Indian Summer left and the foreboding sky, while holding back the full vent of winter, sent a message- Old Man Winter is soon to arrive. The two shoots next were taken 2 days after “About to go”

Heaven’s Portal

Thanksgiving, in Canada, comes in mid-October and that is the point at which we, in the Rockies, are Thankful for the summer and glorious Fall we had – because we know the snow on the peaks will soon be in the Valleys and a different but equally wonderful season will be underway.