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When is the best time to Visit the Canadian Rockies and Banff National Park ? ( Will you try Landscape Photography when you come ?)

 Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site! It is one of the SUP wonders of the World. So, it is a place you want to visit, and you will likely ask – When is the best time to visit the Canadian Rockies and Banff National Park?

Intrepid Travel offers this explanation:

There’s no specific ‘best time’ to visit the Canadian Rockies with each season offering a different perspective of the naturally breathtaking landscape. While there is a peak season (summer), when you choose to travel to the Rockies largely depends on what you want to see and the kind of activities you want to do while you’re there. If you fancy seeing snow-capped mountains and vast lakes covered with ice thick enough to skate on then travelling to this wondrous region in winter simply makes sense. Or, if you actually want to see the turquoise colour of Lake Louise and hike through meadows filled with blooming wildflowers then travelling in spring and summer is the best time to visit.

You can read between the lines of this comment – it is a Coin Toss – Heads or Tails – for when to come. But, the good folks have a point – it depends on what you want to see and what activities you want to do while here! This featured image is Heads!

Sunrise at Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies
Calm Waters at Lake Louise

As a landscape photographer living here, I don’t have to flip the coin. The Banff National Park Landscape is jammed with- subject matter galore. There are the Mountains, the Glaciers, the Lakes, the Rivers, the sunsets and sunrises to add to the mix. But, I’d say ANYTIME is a good time to visit Banff National Park and the Canadian Rockies. The image below – Victoria Glacier and Lake Louise – is Tails!

SNow covered Lake Louise and Victoria Glacier in Banff National Park.
Victoria Glacier and Lake Louise


Banff landscape photography is a year-round option for me and any visitor. Coming to Banff for landscape mountain photography – or any of the other activities – is a Coin Toss you simply can’t lose!

              Lake Louise – Mood in Blue

Canadian Rocky Mountain pictures, ( Rockies Art ) aren’t limited to one time of the year and the wonder of this place is always on display in any season. Mountain landscape photography in Banff National Park provides you with opportunities day after day, after day. The seasons bring their own perspective to landscape photography but never limit the opportunities.


Basking in it

My Rocky Mountain Landscape Photography is for sale at Gita Photos. This is my Banff Fine Art Store for pictures of the Banff National Park landscape.  The landscape is varied, the weather is so changeable, and the atmospheric conditions are always fluctuating – working with these – using these – is the challenge and the reward and pleasure of landscape mountain photography.


Sunrise and Polar Vortex








When is the best time to Visit the Canadian Rockies and Banff National Park ? That depends on you! DO wish to do sightseeing, go for a hike, maybe a downhill or cross-country ski, take a picture of an amazing sunrise, see the moonset from the shore of a lake or experience daylight lasting close to midnight? Factor those things into your decision. Thank the good Lord, I get to live here and exercise my Art of Landscape Mountain Photography. There is something quite engaging about Banff National Park and, as pristine natural areas become more and more precious – so does Banff. Canadian Rocky Mountain pictures, Canadian Rockies Art, Banff Landscape Photography these things are, by very great blessing, here for me to enjoy – my coin flip is which way do I go today. Thank you, God for creating such a place to enjoy !

“Special Moments in the Rockies, Captured in a Print Forever”





Published by Ron Hallam

Gita Photos is a Landscape Photography Studio based in Banff, Alberta and Banff National Park a World Heritage Site. Hi, my name is Ron Hallam. I am truly blessed to be able to live in and work in this stunning location; Banff, Alberta. I closed in and renovated the deck of my condo to be an editing studio. The studio is paneled in Alberta cedar. The main part of the ‘studio’, though, is the Banff National Park and the Canadian Rockies! My work invloves hiking through the Park to find locations where the natural wonders of the Rockies are illuminated by the natural light of the moment. As one client testimonial put it, I want to offer you “ an instant escape to someplace magical” ( Jane Fedosoff, Toronto, Ontario) Another client commented “Ron's photographs are not just beautiful images of the Canadian Rockies. They are Ron himself – his life experiences, his love for this place and his eye for detail- that show a depth and unique understanding of this special place we are lucky to call home.” (Phil Monod, Banff Alberta) I’m in the second half of my life. I spent the first half running a ski shop and skiing and hiking in and around Banff National Park. I tinkered with photography for a long time - first with disposable cameras in the 70's. Needless to say the disposable left everything to be desired and I walked away wanting more, much more. Then, for one special hiking trip to Nepal, I purchased a proper SLR camera. The SLR provided better images, but I still needed time to learn and study and work at the craft of image making and film processing. Meanwhile, the time commitment necessary to run a shop (and my shop was a passion) meant work gave me limited spare time. That translated into playing when I could, took precedence over study of camera, technique and processing. So, upon retiring - for my second half, I wanted to stretch and work my “creative muscles”. I got down to focused and dedicated photographic endeavor. That started with a new DSLR. Then I began to study image making seriously. I learned about the digital way of image capture and developing (editing). The Rockies Landscape is so grand that larger Panorama shots are a favorite for me to create while, but as you can see from my work, everything in this magnificent place draws me to capture images of all kinds of landscapes. I like to work in both Color and Black and White and would love to hear which you prefer as your format of choice, and why. Every time I make an image, it is the direct result of letting the “something” inside me come up to the surface, and compel me to record that moment of what I’m seeing and feeling. I want to engage you to see the Rockies, and feel the Rockies exactly the way I do. I want to try to have you try to understand and engage with my perspective, and point you to the exquisite, intricate and profoundly intelligent designer - the God who created this natural world. Then, if you are awed by creation but also perturbed by economic disparities in the world, I hope you will browse the Art Battling Poverty Gallery dedicated to Poverty Relief and assistance for the marginalized. While you and I enjoy the beauty of the Rockies, many are struggling simply to survive. When you purchase my Art from the Art Battling Poverty Gallery (or indeed any image purchase) just tell me to donate to either of the NGO's I work with, at time of checkout. A portion of each sale, 15% – read the ABOUT Art Battling Poverty Tab) will be donated to in your name. Have a browse and find “ A special moment in the Rockies, captured in a print forever”. And when you purchase you won't only have a special print, but you will also be giving Hope to the marginalized.