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Time After Time: Re-living the Majestic Canadian Rockies

Photography – what makes photos so great? They capture everything and can be captured too.

Tourists to the Canadian Rockies

When you go on vacation it is difficult to come home. The experiences you have are memorable and the sites are breathtaking but how can you capture and save each special moment? This is why photography is so amazing. You can have a little piece of where you have been to take home with you and reminisce over, time and again. What better way to remember the Rocky Mountains than with Canadian Rockies photos.

Ron Hallam of Gita Photos is a passionate photographer who knows how to capture a moment in time. As an outstanding landscape photographer, his fine art will take you on a journey through the lush green valleys and up the snow-capped mountainside as if you were there experiencing it all in person. The Canadian Rockies are a truly majestic part of the world encompassing the mountain range that spans British Columbia and Alberta. It is a trip you should definitely make and a place that is one worth spending time in.

As a visitor to the Rockies, Gita Photos allows you to explore the natural wonders that encompass a wide array of this vast landscape. If you have explored some of nature’s most surreal spots, even better because you can relate to the beauty. Explaining the sights you have seen to family and friends when you return home is not the same as sharing your visit through photos. Take Canadian Rockies prints home with you from Gita Photos to share in the splendour of your adventures. Displaying these photos in your home or giving some to your loved ones as gifts will help keep your memory of the mountains alive.

Locals of the Canadian Rockies

Maybe you are a local living in the Canadian Rockies. Take the outdoor beauty and put it inside your home, adding vibrancy and colour to spaces void of any windows. You can go to sleep every night right next to the Rocky Mountains. On those hot summer evenings or cool crisp winter mornings, you can gaze lovingly on a photographic print of the opposing season. A photo of the Canadian Rockies adds tranquillity to any room.

Have you been trying forever to capture a photo of the mountains at sunrise but to no avail? Maybe you just don’t have the time to wait around for the sun to hit that perfect spot on the peak of the mountains. Either way, capture your peak Canadian Rockies images in print from Ron Hallam of Gita Photos. He has spent years taking time to make sure you get the perfect shot for your wall.


Photos evoke a feeling, a certain emotion through time. They express memories, capture thought, and take on a whole new meaning depending on who views them. An image lasts forever so you can re-live the moments time after time. What memories do you see?