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Spring – Fickle and Tempting in the Rockies

The Guardians
This is the classic view from Whitehorn Mountain ( The Lake Louise Ski Resort ) as you look across the valley to the Range that surrounds, overlooks, and guards the actual Lake Louise! Spring had finally come and brought some warmer days. This was the day after the ski resort closed ( May 3, with no snow in the valley bottom ) and the sunrise (5:35 ) showed that Spring was really here, the valleys were opening up from the layer of snow winter had left, and the “green” growth had started. One may well think it would soon be time for the arrival and shift to summer pursuits.

The days were now very long – with the sun now coming up so early and setting quite late, yet, at an angle that painted over the peaks and gave that wonderful Spring look and feels. This shot was taken at 9:30 PM, as the sunset in the west and put a warm glow on the peaks.

Cathedral Mountain
But Spring, true to its nature, decided it was time for a storm of rain, snow and clouds that hung so low in the valley you felt like you touch them as they obscured the peaks.

Softly SettlingAnd then, Spring with its always befuddling ways, pushed the temperature up, the storm pattern stopped, and a glorious sunrise introduced the anticipated shift to a more stable, and summer-like period to settle over the landscape. ( Which it did! )

Herbert Lake and Temple Mtn. in Banff National Park

And now, just days away from the equinox and the official start of Summer, Spring provided this –

Power Displayed
Spring is such a fickle time in the Rockies – tempting you with a few warm promising days and then switching to blowing snow and winter-like conditions overnight! One needs to be hesitant to feel and think Spring has Sprung until …………. until nature lets it! What a welcome, and beautiful thing it is when it – Spring – SPRINGS for good! Long, long days and sights like this – morning, noon, and night. Fickle and tempting Spring in the Rockies has a hold on me!

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