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About Art Battling Poverty

Learn about Art Battling Poverty

Gita Photos donates 15% of your purchase to these organizations for Poverty Relief

The “Art Battling Poverty” Gallery is dedicated to working with our two partners- CAUSE Canada and Embrace International Foundation.

This special gallery, and ALL of the Galleries and Images – of landscape, nature and outdoor photography is dedicated to assisting CAUSE Canada and Embrace with their efforts in international relief and development. Featuring the Art Battling Poverty Gallery is a way to bring your attention to the need! What follows is a short précis of their missions and how they work to bring relief to those less fortunate than you and I. In this way you can put “legs” to your heart for the marginalized.

With the purchase of any image from the Art Battling Poverty Gallery or any other Gallery – Prints,Mounted Images or Calendars – I donate, in your behalf, 15% to CAUSE Canada or to Embrace.

NOTE: Because of Canadian Revenue Agency Rules the Donation we make on your behalf cannot be Tax receipt-able. However, you will receive a personal letter of thanks and a confirmation of the donation from the Directors of CAUSE or EMBRACE. Gita Photos will be making the donation direct in your name and provide the contact information for them to mail the documents and letter of thanks to you!

Learn about CAUSE Canada

Learn about the Embrace International Foundation

What is CAUSE Canada?

Founded in 1984, CAUSE Canada is a Christian motivated international relief and development agency that strives to empower communities and individuals in disadvantaged regions to overcome extreme poverty. CAUSE Canada concentrates its efforts within West Africa and Central America.CAUSE Canada works with people from all faiths and cultural backgrounds. CAUSE Canada celebrates the diversity of Humankind while at the same time recognizing the equality and dignity of all peoples. CAUSE Canada is committed to supporting sustainable development projects in geographical regions where there is an under-representation of international aid organizations. CAUSE Canada’s projects focus developing long-term relationships with communities in order to have maximum impact on reducing poverty.

CAUSE Canada, as a Christian faith based organization, heeds the call of God to reach out to marginalized, oppressed, suffering and deprived members of the human family.

What is the Embrace International Foundation?

Paul and Bev Carrick, formerly of CAUSE Canada, founded the Embrace International Foundation (Embrace). Embrace is an Alberta-based organization that champions the rights of disabled children. The focus of Embrace is to support worthy charities within the Global South that provide services to children suffering from autism, Down-syndrome, cerebral palsy and severe learning & language challenges.

The Embrace International Foundationhas neither field offices nor expatriate staff. What it does is provide financial and technical support to Southern charities that have a proven track record in serving the aforementioned groups. Invariably, this means that Embrace supports single mothers struggling against the almost impossible challenge of raising a special needs child in a country where there is little government support.The programs that the Embrace International Foundation supports help to pay for professional services, such as physiotherapy, occupational, speech and play therapy that benefit children and youth with Down syndrome, autism, infant cerebral paralysis and severe behavioural disorders. The organization provides both material and emotional support to the parents of special needs children.

Contacts for Embrace:

Website: www.embracecanada.ca

E mail: info@embracecanada.ca

You may also support the organization by e-transferring funds to: info@embracecanada.ca.

Embrace International Foundation 224 – 104 Armstrong Place, Canmore Alberta T1W 3L5